Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Grocery Store

I love to go to grocery stores in other countries. I think it's fascinating to see what they have on offer, and I also like to take mental notes for things I can use to cook some of my favorite meals. While we were out we decided to stop in at the Carrefour, which is usually equivalent to the average super Walmart. I felt the need to take a picture of a few things:

Belgians LOVE their beer. There were two giant isles.

Fruit beers

Mini kegs

Each beer has its own particular kind of glass. These glasses were made so that they could hang from your carriage without spilling.

They also had 2 entire isles of international food. There was a small Mexican section with assorted meal kits. I appreciate the effort, but sorry Carrefour, that is not a burrito.

Finally we found these bad boys and decided to splurge (they were only 50 cents anyway!). They are made with real sugar, so they taste like the Dublins (not my favorite) but hey, not bad for being across the ocean!

They were also playing Vampire Weekend while we were in there, which was an odd, but awesome choice.

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