Monday, March 14, 2011

Coffee Tour: Finca La Milagrosa in Boquete, Panama

{Another catch up/Panama blog!}

It was a cold rainy morning in Boquete, but I wasn't going to leave town without a coffee tour. So up we went (myself and my friend Laura) to Senor Tito's Finca La Milagrosa. I got soaked, but then dried out, and then got really hyper sucking on raw coffee beans, chomping down on toasted ones, and drinking cups of coffee made by the owner himself. It was tons of fun and everyone there was so happy and young looking that it also definitely affirmed the benefits of coffee. 

Senor Tito made everything himself! Our guide was quick to point out every two minutes or so, that Senor Tito is sooo smart!

Ready to be go from: 




There were lots of different things involved in the drying process

Senor Tito roasting us a sample

Coffee beans starting to get toasty in there

taking a look (Senor Tito made that spoon--look closely and you see that its a spoon welded to a screw driver so it's long enough to reach inside the roaster)

light, medium and dark roast (or American, French and Italian)

The grinder (made from an old hand cranked corn grinder)

and our lazy friend. 


Anonymous said...

Great article. My girlfriend and I did a Boquete coffee tour at Finca La Milagrosa and loved it!

Anonymous said...

I toured this coffee plantation in November and am now out of the coffee we bought there. does anyone know if it's sold anywhere on-line/

Sloey said...

I would like to know where to order the coffee if anyone knows how to please share

Mary Beth Strawn said...

Maybe you guys can contact them and see if they would ship you a special order.