Thursday, July 19, 2012


I've been pulling lots of books of my shelves to go to 1/2 Priced Books. I've been combing through my closets and drawers and boxing up clothes to be garaged sold or donated. I'm finally sorting and throwing away all those papers I have accumulated. I'm starting to find temporary and permanent homes for most of my furniture. Soon I've got to start cooking through my pantry and freezer (there are sure to be some interesting meals coming from that!).

I already don't have very much stuff from an American point of view, but it's time to dump even more. I watched The Way (the Camino movie) the other day and it got me thinking about my Camino again (OK, not like I ever really stop). In my long sabbatical trip I just had a backpack--everything I was traveling with was inside. When it came time for me to walk 800 kilometers though, I had to downsize. I went to the Spanish postoffice, boxed up more than half my stuff, and mailed it to Santiago. I had quite literally one set of clothes, and not much more, for about six weeks--and I can tell you, it's the freest I have ever felt.

I'm in a similar place again. Instead of a Spanish post office, most of the remaining stuff (of which hopefully there won't be much) will be going to my parents' garage (a much more secure place to be sure!). Because, like last time, I'm about to be on the move.

I'm headed west again. (Imagine that.)

I'm moving!

This summer has been all kinds of crazy, but one of the things that transpired is that I got accepted for a position with a Lutheran organization in Denver called the Urban Servants Corps, which partners with Americorps. For the next year I'll be living in a house full of other people as we all work full time for aid organizations that work with the most marginalized in downtown Denver. The Urban Servants Corps aims its focus on "service, spirituality, simplicity and intentional community." All very good things in my book.

I'm not naive enough to think that it won't be a year without a lot of struggles, but honestly, I couldn't be happier. I'll get to spend the year using my days working for creative nonprofits, feeding people and, in however small a way, helping to ease suffering. Not to mention I'll get to be in the Rocky Mountains, in a great city, where it just so happens that my boyfriend lives.

All that to say, I'm packing my bags for a different kind of trip these days, but life is most definitely good!

{And also, if you want some of my crap, come and get it!}