Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week in Review Sabbatical Style: Week 3!

So yes, the computer has now offically become a large paperweight I am hauling all over Central America. Boo. But I am at a public library in El Valle, Panama and have a few minutes left on my hourś worth of internet. It´ll be closed tomorrow so I figured Id send out a quick week in review, especially since I havent blogged many of the places I have been recently. Ahem, here we go:
  • Foreign keyboards are difficult. It takes me forever to remember how to get the @ sign. Half the time I have to go into my email cut and paste one.
  • Also, excuse all the spelling errors, no spell check or time!
  • Panama City is fantastic! It is a little intense and a little bit seedy, but fantastic all the same. The old town is a perfect mix of decaying buildings, colonial churches, restored art galleries and the presidentś house. 
  • An old man started chatting with me when I was walking around the old quarter and tipped me off that if I went up to the guard and asked nicely he would let me into the street in front of the White House to let me take a picture. He was right! I walked right up front to take a picture. Definitely more access in PC than in DC!
  • I had the best snowcone ever. The man shaved the ice off of an actual block with an old school hand scraper. Then he covered it in fresh pinapple juice and topped it with condensed milk. Perfect. 
  • I also ended up buying snow cones for two little kids who talked me into it. Eh, it was a buck 50 for the 3 of us. 
  • El Valle, where I am at the moment is very close to paradise. Itś in a beautiful valley and the weather is maybe 15 degrees cooler than in PC, which is great because 100 degrees in the Panamanian sun is really hot!
  • I went to the Canal! I watched the ships go through the locks and it was fascinating to see it all in person. 
  • I also felt accomplished by getting all the way to the locks by public bus. 
  • Where do US school buses go when they die? If they were good, to Panama. Either that or Pimp My Yellow School Bus has come through the country. They call them Diablos Rojos, or Red Devils, and they are super tricked out. A lot of them also have some form of religious writing on them, which all things considered was reassuring.
  • Costa Ricans all seem to say con gusto rather than the normal de nada for your welcome. It translates basically to it´s my pleasure, and reminds me of Chikfila. It kind of creeped me out. 
  • As great as it was, I am definitely putting Panama ahead of Costa Rica on the awesome scale. Just so you know. 
  • Delicious food here is so cheap. I paid 3.75 for a 2 course home cooked dinner last night. Maybe the best meal of the trip too.
OK, I am right at my time limit on the computer! Have a great week! Pictures to come...some day. 

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