Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I've got a couple of PSAs for ya today.

The first one is that while this might look like a lovely place to sit and relax:

Looks can be deceiving. This can also lead to your fifth concussion, a trip to the doctor, a possible "slow leak" in your brain (way to make it sound horrible doctor!), a CT scan and (so far) 6 days worth of migraines.

So, be careful.

Or, rather, just don't be epically clumsy like me. (Seriously, who even knew you could flip a porch swing?!)

(And don't worry. I got my CT results this afternoon--no leak!)

The second is that I am utilizing some of my spare time (long live the pre-tirment!) for another project.

You are hearing it here first: I started another blog! (Yeah, yeah, one just wasn't enough.) It's another blog because it's different from this one (aka me just rambling)--it's called Strange Pilgrims and it's about immigration (woowoo!).

Intrigued? You should be.

You can find it here: Strange Pilgrims. There's a welcome post and two regular ones.

And if you aren't intrigued, well, that's ok too. But, still, you should be careful on those porch swings.

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