Friday, January 20, 2012

Starting The Year Right

Well, I had tucked my passport away--I zipped it up inside my backpack and put them both in my closet. It was calling out to me. I couldn't bear to hear it knowing I wouldn't be leaving the country anytime soon so I stashed it away and prepared myself to go travel free for a good little while.

It seems like 2012 refuses to live in the shadow of 2011 though. I am on my way home now to dig out both my passport and my travel pack--tomorrow I am headed to Spain!

My parents had vacation to use, found cheap last minute flights and offered to take me along as a tour guide. Deal!

So in a wonderful surprise I am headed off to Spain--one of my ultimate happy places. We will be going to the south--starting in Cordoba to see the Mezquita, then to Granada and the Alhambra. From there we'll head down to the coast and a day trip to Morocco (!), and finally come back through the hill towns on our way to Seville. I'll say goodbye to the parents and spend a little extra time in Madrid before flying home via Denver.

What a happy surprise! Well done, 2012.

Now off to pack!

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