Saturday, May 19, 2012

Around Chiang Mai--Doi Suthep

By day two in Chiang Mai we still hadn't exhausted our ability to take in temples. We hopped into the back of a couple of "truck-taxis" and scooted up Doi Suthep, the mountain that rises up from Chiang Mia, to see its temple.   

{Riding up the winding road}

Once we got there (and of course had something to eat from the venders) we started our climb. There were 309 steps to the top, which called for several "photo breaks" along the way (you know, where you pretend like you need to take picture after picture of the view, but really you just need to catch your breath).

{At the top we were greeted by little dancing girls}

{Prayer bells}

{The golden stupa and "umbrella"}

{The emerald-esque buddha}

Supy and I found a nice piece of shade to relax in for a while--which just so happened to be the most photogenic spot in the temple. We watched person after group after person come through and take their picture in our little corner. Terrific people watching. 

{A group of tiny monks}

{It was a nice spot}

Then we had to take a few pictures ourselves:

{I forget if this is the stinky fruit (I think it is) or the fruit that just looks like the stinky fruit but actually tastes like apples}

{For you, mom!}

{We were talked into going up to the top of the mountain to see a typical Hmong village and other things which didn't exactly materialize, but it was nice anyway.}

Back in Chiang Mia we debated another massage, but we ended up walking around and capping our evening here: 

{Don't judge! We were lured in by the 9 baht (29 cent) ice cream cones (OK, and the air conditioning!).}

{I also enjoyed scoping out the Thai section on the McD's menu}

We still had a few (!) more temples to see in the trip, but we definitely got our temples worth out of Chiang Mai. Next stop: Chiang Rai and the Thai/Lao border!  

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