Friday, May 4, 2012

Asia 2012: Narita, Japan

Because I was buying my flight with airline miles a week before I was wanting to fly to Bangkok, I ended up having to spend 20 hours in Japan. Life's rough sometimes, eh?

I came up with a few possible scenarios (nap away the time in the airport, go all the way into Tokyo for the night, or kick around in Narita--the smaller city the airport is in) and decided I would see how I was feeling when I landed. Once in Japan I decided I would grab a hostel in Narita and have a look at the town. It had the makings of an average workaday city, but Narita was foreign enough to make my head spin--which happens to be one of my favorite things about traveling. I just stood around smiling as the Japanese people went spinning around me and as I walked through a city of cartoons and spam-esque writing on all the walls. 

Japan, you are crazy. 

I saw quite a lot of the city as I got lost over and over again (Japan, you are not so good at giving directions). I saw the modern part of the city, the old town, and then (finally) the town's massive temple--complete with beautiful gardens. 

To complete the evening I had a stroll through a grocery store (one of my other favorite things about traveling) and picked out interesting bits and pieces with what was left of the $20 bill I exchanged at the airport for my dinner. Japan, you eat strange things. 

The next morning I was off. One day surely isn't enough to be able to say anything significant about such a complex culture--but wow. One day packed a punch!

 {And yes, it was as chilly as it looks! I was as bundled as possible with what little clothing I had.}

{I even caught the tail end of the cherry blossoms!} 

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