Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week in Review: Au revoir Belgique--Hello Texas

Four different countries, lots of snow, goodbyes and reunions--What a week. Some snippets:

  • My flight to London yesterday was cancelled. The computers needed to rebook us all were broken. Fuuuun. Eventually it got worked out though and 22 hours later I made it back to my house in FW. Hello lovely Texans!
  • With early flights, jet lag, and lingering migraines, consider yourselves warned that I am feeling pretty filter-free at the moment. 
  • British Air rerouted me onto two American flights. Hello downgrade. And BA owes me 50 bucks for the bag American made me pay for. I think they should give me a voucher for the trouble. I'm crossing my fingers...
  • You know what I realized I missed without ever knowing it? Carpet. This morning I was walking around the house and thought, wow this is nice! So warm and soft. 
  • Monday morning my mom and I made our way to the train station and took the Eurostar through the English Channel to spend most of the week in Bath and its surrounding areas. Roman Baths, Georgian squares, Saxon churches from 600 AD, ancient stone circles and Christmas markets. It was a fun trip. 
  • Mom left from London and I was going to take the train back through the channel to Brussels. Except my train was cancelled due to snow. They decided to rebook everyone who had train tickets for the whole day on a first come, first serve basis. The line stretched from one side of the train station to the complete other side--but I did make it on the last train to Brussels. Snow in Bath, snow in London, snow in France, and when I got to Brussels? Snow. 
  • Yesterday when I landed in Chicago? Snow. 
  • A long train ride is the best way to think. 
  • When I took the metro home from the train station I was almost relieved to be surrounded by all Arabs. There are so many white people in England that it is almost unsettling. 
  • The day we went to Stonehenge we had the place almost entirely to ourselves, which was fantastic. Except for the fact that it was FRIGID. With the wind coming through I am pretty positive it is the coldest I have ever been in my life. 
  • Today it was great to go to church in English. I would usually try to sing along rather futilly with the French and then just hum my way through the Arabic (except when we sang the "lalala" song...) so it was nice to sing in English today. 
  • I won't lie though--3:30 PM still seems like a much better time for church than having it in the morning. Also, can we get on the Moroccan tea before church bandwagon?
  • Did everyone give their kids steroids while I was gone? It was only 3 months, why are all these kids so big?
  • I also didn't remember everyone having such strong accents. 
  • I had fajitas last night and they were tasty! And I drove for the first time in 3 months! 
  • Time to for the cap and gown in 6 days. Whoop!
  • Also, now that I have a little time and some stable internet, I'll try to get up some pictures and catch up on all the fun stuff I've been seeing/doing. 
The end. 

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