Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today was shot day. Probably my least favorite part of trip preparation. Thankfully I just had two shots with my name on them. I finished off my Hep A series and then was lucky enough to get my first Yellow Fever vaccination. That one hurt! But it's good for 10 years, so I guess it works out to just a teensy bit of pain per year. The annoying bit is that I don't need the vac for where I am going, but because parts of Panama have Yellow Fever, the Panama stamp in my passport will cause questions throughout my trip without the vaccine. I just rolled up my sleeve and took it. Ouff, she didn't tell me until I was already wincing that it was a stinger. It's all right though, she told me I'm now ready to be a world traveler. 

And I have the shot record to prove it.  

PS. For anyone living in the metroplex, I highly recommend the travel clinic at Harris Methodist HEB! She's great and even got me in at the last minute. 

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