Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ready, Set...

I made it to Pamplona. It was another one of those taxi/bus/plane/train/bus/bus/walk-for-2-hours kind of trips to make it here, but here I am. And as you can see from the picture, I've walked my first bit of the Camino! maybe it was just from the bus station to the hostel, but it was a good feeling.

The plan was to get to Pamplona, spend today running errands and then start walking tomorrow. But, yet again, I hadn't calculated what day of the week it was. Trying to run errands on Sunday in Spain is pointless. Everything is closed. So I'll just start a day later.

In what was probably a better idea anyway, I spent the day resting. I had forgotten about one of my very favorite things about Spain--what I call "black-out blinds."They clamp out every smidge of light so that you feel like you are sleeping in a cave. I finally got a good nights rest and still woke up in time to walk to church--I found the sister church of my church in Santander. I met all kinds of great people and just generally had a wonderful morning. It seemed like a proper send off for my pilgrimage.

Throw in some sightseeing (I never knew what a beautiful city Pamplona is!) and some chocolate y churros (oh yeah!) and that about wraps up my day. I'm planning and packing and just generally getting excited (I forgot just how much I love Spain).

I'm also whittling down what few possessions I have with me. On my two hour trek through town trying to find my hostel with my luggage I affirmed my desire to take as little as possible with me on the Camino. And actually, that is part of why I want to do the Camino--to prove to myself that I don't need all of these things. (Although...I am sure I will still take more than I need...) Anyway, tomorrow I am marching myself to the post office and sending my stuff to Santiago to wait for me. How exciting!

OK, wish me luck in getting things done tomorrow and then Tuesday--I'm off!


C.C. Almon said...

My friend, you are such a brave woman. I cannot imagine traveling by myself to all the many places you have traveled. Every time I hear the quote, "Well behaved women seldom make history," I think of you! Much love and safe journey!
<3 C.C.

Sandy said...

You go girl! vaya con Dios

Sandy said...

PS Remember how the Spanish mail that package!