Friday, April 1, 2011

Week in Review Sabbatical Style: Week 11!

Guess what? 11 weeks down and I am in the airport waiting for my flight to Spain! Hard to believe. I've been borderline giddy about getting back to the Iberian peninsula and although it has taken me a long day of traveling to get here, I couldn't be more excited. Some other tidbits from the week:
  • The people at my hotel in Nicosia couldn't have been nicer. My flight to Spain didn't leave until the evening so they insisted I have a (free) extra late check out. So nice. They even got me to the airport easily even though today turned out to be a national holiday. 
  • Today I saw an "after Friday prayers" demonstration for Syria at a mosque. 
  • I'm about to board my first RyanAir flight in a while. My go-to discription of flying with RyanAir is that you always feel like you are going to die...but you don't. (Let's hope that doesn't happen tonight.)
  • I walked all the way back to Northern Nicosia today (the Turkish part of the city) for lunch. Yesterday I finally got up the nerve to eat at the food stand that was supposed to have the city's best pide. It was a little intimidating--a little hole in the wall place with a bunch of guys sitting around talking. The cook ended up being super friendly though. But no pide, it was too late in the afternoon. Today I walked all the way back in time to get one--and it was worth it. Not only was the guy (and the guys sitting around) friendly I got a hot off the traditional wood stove pide, which is kind of like a pizza made into a boat shape. Homemade dough, ground lamb cooked with diced onion and fresh parsley, halloumi cheese and a squirt of lemon. Perfect. 
  • I got a "no show" email from my hostel in Pamplona. What? Yep, apparently I messed up the dates on my reservation. They charged me for the night. Ouch. 
  • I've been listening to a bunch of RadioLab podcasts. My friend Cody told me several times that I would like them, but I resisted. Their podcast on Words is fascinating. Highly recommended! (And any Nicaragua friends reading--about 2/3 of the way through they talk about sign language in Nicaragua, which I thought was interesting after our Mariposa excursion.)
  • Also, I see that Rick Steves has done an episode that contains bits of the Camino de Santiago. You can watch it on Hulu. I, unfortunately, can't--hulu doesn't work in Europe apparently. 
  • Tesekurler (with the squigly under the s, and the dots on the u--as written by my baklava man) is Turkish for thank you. It sounds nothing like it looks though. 
  • Nasilsin is how are you, and iyi yim is another way to say thanks. When I said the last one to my waiter infront of baklava man-teacher, the waiter gave me a blank look and said, I no speak English. My teacher just laughed. So...not sure how well that one works. 
  • Cyprus was full of nice surprises. It was also ridiculously expensive. 
  • Did I mention I'm excited to be back in Spain??
  • I'll get this picture thing figured out sometime soon. Or...well, it might be after the Camino. We will see. 
OK, my flight is boarding! Hasta pronto!

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