Monday, May 16, 2011


I emailed in a blog from Santiago...who knows where it went. Maybe one day it will pop up on here and we can all ignore the things I say twice...but until then...

I´M IN FINISTERRE! I had in my mind all of these thoughful things I was going to say about how the Camino has been such a meaningful time for me and about all the lovely people I have met along the way. But really...

I just want to type in all caps and use lots of exclamation marks!!!! I have finished the Camino!!! And not just the Camino to Santiago, but the epilogue to Finisterre--think fin de la tierra, or end of the earth--as well. For those keeping track, that´s 800 km, or 500 miles (!!!!!!!).

(And yes, you should see my feet.)

And also...IT´S MY BIRTHDAY! I said 25 for the first time when they asked me my age at pilgrims albergue this afternoon. 

Walking into Finisterre and sticking my feet in the Atlantic Ocean was the perfect way to welcome a new year for me. I feel incredibly lucky.

Because it has been a good year. I started year 24 in China--in Shangri La, or part of old Tibet, traveled to 13 countries, graduated with my master´s degree, lived in Brussels for 3 months, finished editing a book, swung like Tarzan through the cloud forests, climbed volcanoes, walked across the Iberian Peninsula (!!!), learned a thousand new things, met hundreds of new friends and saw and experienced so many things that I will never forget.

So tonight, as I watch the sun set over the end of the world, I´ll be thinking about lots of things. But most off all, about how blessed I am.



C.C. Almon said...

Yay! So proud of you! <3

T-Ann said...

SO very proud of you!! Your paragraph where you summarized your year BLEW ME AWAY!! Had no idea just how much you had accomplished in 1 year. So thankful to God that He has kept you safe and healthy through all your experiences. Be well and know that you are loved!!

Tracy said...

You are amazing. I'm so proud of your accomplishments this year. Wow! What adventures you've had! Continued safe travels to you. Happy Birthday!

Tracy at TCU

Shelby said...

AMAZING!! & to think this is only the beginning. Congratulations to my Leon bestie!! What an accomplishment!

Amy said...

Amazing!!! Congrats and happy birthday!

The song "Im Gonna Be" popped in my head when I read that you walked 500 miles!

Heres to another great year for you!

-Amy Womack