Sunday, July 10, 2011

Albania: In Pictures!

Walking across the border


"The Pyramid" in Tirana

Street food

Forgotten commie statues behind a building


Looking down from the fortress in Kruja


View from the hostel

Ceiling in the teqe in Berat

Such a hike to get up to the fortress in Berat!

This was the only place to catch a breeze

Lots of people still live up there

Giant head of Constantine 

My "guide" took this picture after he climbed up a tower with my camera (you can also notice my gifted feather and flowers)

For those of you asking what I have been eating--I had to stop them from bringing more plates for this "traditional style" meal. Who knows how many more were coming, but all I really wanted was a salad to begin with. (More or less Greek salad in front, then stuffed green peppers (REALLY good), two kinds of burek (I couldn't stomach the burek--I reached my limit way back in Serbia), and a kind of stuffed eggplant in the back. 

They did bring me one more plate--but I didn't but up too much of a fight on this one (a sweet cheese pastry with stewed grapes and cinnamon). 

Chapel and museum

Household bits from the ethnographic museum


Vlore--this struck me as odd

Get a tatto on the side of the road? Why not!

OK, Vlore, sorry for calling you tacky. You are actually quite beautiful in places. 

This also made me laugh a bit. Gangsta Street Boy!

(See the Week In Review for a few more pictures)

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