Friday, August 26, 2011

Camino de Santiago On The Big Screen: The Way

When I was preparing to walk the Camino de Santiago I came across some rumors that there was a Camino movie coming out soon--with some big(ish) Hollywood names tied to it (Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen). No one really seemed to know when it would come out or what it was about, but I was a bit skeptical about it. Could hollywood movie makers capture the essence of the Camino? Would they make it look as grueling as it sometimes was? (I threatened to bust out pictures of my blisters if they didn't do it justice!). I just didn't think it would translate. 

My movie friend Trevin passed along a movie trailer to me this week though, and, I have to say...maybe I was wrong. I think The Way just might capture some of the magic of the Camino--the landscapes, the hardships, and, most of all, the people. Just seeing some of the now familiar places in the trailer has me really excited! So, especially for my Camino friends out there, I thought I would share: 

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Renegade Pilgrim said...

You should also check out "The Camino Documentary" at:

It's a film currently in post-production and we are looking for people to write about it. Feel free to look at the website, watch the trailer and some of the clips. It really captures the essence of the Camino too!