Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm Back!

I've been a little MIA lately, but there has been a reason! The reason is that...I have been busy! I have been busy:

It took me a whopping 25 hours to get from Barcelona to Dallas/Fort Worth. The largely sleepless night in Barcelona, the long day on planes and wandering (sometimes running) through airports and the jet lag have hit me pretty hard. On top of that my allergies that were steadily getting worse starting in Greece (those pines kill me!) have exploded now that I am home. I've been waking up with my head spinning each morning. And then I go back to sleep.


It's definitely warm here. It's the second hottest summer on record in Texas history. After Greece and Sevilla I don't think it's that bad, but 110 (43C) in the shade is pretty hot.


I've been hitting up the big Texas favorites: BBQ, TexMex and MexMex (as in Mexican Mexican food).

Drinking filter coffee. 
I have to admit that fresh out of Spain I was appalled at the coffee American Airlines served me on my flight home. Thankfully my dad has a stash of about 16 different kinds of coffee at our house and they have all been much, much better. My favorite thing about filter coffee is that you can sip giant cups of it without damaging your heart. I just finished a black iced coffee that had to be at least 1/2 a liter.

My parents came to meet me at the airport. My brother Brian lives in Fort Worth now and my brother Casey drove up from Austin to see me. I got to see my "nephew" and my cousin Michael. Today I got to have lunch with my best friend.

Winning tan contests. 

Before coming home my bff and old roommate Lindsay joked that I was probably tanner than she was. I laughed it off as impossible. I thought I was just tan for me. But after having lunch with her today and comparing--it turns out I am normal people tan, too (a first for me).

Doing laundry. 
With a machine! I felt a bit guilty, but I even dried it all in the dryer!

Listening to Flamenco and Andalusian Funk. 
Thanks Victor! When I close my eyes, it helps me forget that I am back in America.

Breaking out of the backpacker mold. 

I fixed my hair for the first time in 5 months. I wore perfume and actual shoes. I dressed in something other than the 3 outfits I've been rotating for months.

So there. You can see that I have been busy. I do have a bit of good news for you all too--even though I won't really be traveling much for the next little bit, travels on the blog will continue. Those of you who followed my actual itinerary noticed that I never got around to blogging a lot of places, and I'm still hopelessly behind on my Camino posts. So, for those of you who need a little bit of vicarious traveling, don't worry--I'll keep the stories and pictures coming! I'll see if I can't get a Trip In Review up soon, too. 

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MJoski said...

Hey Lauren! It was so great to see you last week :) I'm granting access of my blogger identity to Pete because he wants to send you a message. So, MJoski is really Petroski. Happy travels and good luck on the job search. Now I have to send a message to Art (FIL) to let him know you said "hi" on your blog. I'm sure he's got a huge crush on you, but don't worry, he's 85. :)