Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spain 2012: Cordoba

So I got my parents right off the plane and straight to the Atocha train station in Madrid. We grabbed some bocadillos and boarded the bullet train straight to Cordoba. It was the only place on the trip that we stayed just one night, but it turned out to be my Dad's favorite stop on the entire trip.

The parents with the bell tower/minaret of the Mezquita (or the "mosquito" as my dad kept calling it)

Some of the lovely patios in Cordoba

{I found a shortcut}

I saw this building the last time I was in Cordoba. It was open when we walked by so we peeked inside--it was a church with a youth service going on. 

After walking around the city we called it a night. We woke up the next morning and, to the sound of the mass going on in the high alter area, explored the Mesquita for free!

Inside the Mesquita--a former mosque turned into a church after the reconquest. Pictures can't do it justice--it's like being in a forest of columns. 

The history is interesting too: It's built on the ruins of a Visgoth church (around 600 AD). You can see some of the Visgoth mosaics under the floor in certain parts of the building. It was then a mosque built in the 900s. In the 1200s the Christians kicked out the Moors in Cordoba and it became a church. In the 1500s they turned it into a Spanish-style Renaissance cathedral. 

The prayer niche of the "mosque"

Entering the "Cathedral" part. (The ceilings go from 30 feet to 130 feet in an instant!)

Cordoba is a beautiful town. It was years after I fell in love with Spain that I made my way to it--but it's been a favorite ever since. 

Next stop: Granada!

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