Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spain 2012: Granada (Part Two!)

OK, I told you there was more to Granada than the Alhambra, and here is the proof! 

We started the day like any good day in Spain should--With churros y chocolate! Churreria Alhambra is supposedly *the place* to have them and...it did not disappoint. 

Unfortunately I forgot to ask how many churros came in a portion before I asked for three orders. By the looks of the pyramid of churros they brought us you can see that was a mistake. 

{But hey, if ordering too many churros is your worst mistake, who is going to complain?}

The front of the massive cathedral {The main facade is based off of an arc de triumph--the cathedral was built on the ruins of a former mosque after the Reconquest}

The cathedral in Granada isn't Spain's largest--that comes up later in Seville--but to me it feels like the largest. 

Apparently the walls were all ordered to be whitewashed with lime during a bout of the plague. The locals liked the look, so the cathedral has stayed white ever since. 

The Royal Chapel (where Ferdinand and Isabel are buried) is also incredibly impressive. Unfortunately you will have to go look at it yourselves as they don't allow photography inside. 
(Or, you know, just google it.) 

We took the little bus up to the Albayzín at dusk to take in its view of the Alhambra at sunset:

{St. Nicolas Viewpoint}

Walking around in the old moorish quarter

Looking back towards Granada

The Alhambra all lit up

Significantly impressed with Granada, and ready for a little break from the bustling city, we headed from there down to Tarifa on the coast. With a long train ride to Algeciras and then a short bus ride past Gibraltar to Tarifa it was a long day on the road--but with a little flamenco music coming through my headphones and scenes like these rolling past--I didn't mind at all. 

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