Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spain 2012: DETOUR--Tangier, Morocco

When I was planning my parents' trip to Spain I joked in front of my dad that I was thinking of taking them to Morocco for the day. I said it, like many things I say to him, to get a reaction. To my surprise all he said was, That might be ok

So there we had it! A trip to Tangier was added to the itinerary. We spent the evening before and after in Tarifa, Spain and took a fast ferry over to Morocco. It's a pretty easy deal, honestly. In an hour you have changed language, religion, currency and continent. The shock wasn't as jarring as when I first went to Moroccow--getting off a plane from Madrid to Casa Blanca--but it was still a fun change. 

I got to dig up a few words I still remembered in French and Arabic, eat a tagine, and got my dad to ride a camel. I'd call that a win. 

{A look at the North African coast}

{Foggy hillsides}

{The lighthouse marking the spot on the coast where the Atlantic and the Mediterranean meet}

{And what's a trip to Morocco without a camel ride?}

{Caves of Hercules--The opening of the cave is in the shape of Africa!} 

{One of the old gates to the city}

{The neighborhood's communal oven}

{At another one of the old gates}



By late afternoon we made our way back to the port. We got a couple stamps in our passports, got back on the ferry, and headed back to Europe. 

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