Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fall Music

I've been sitting around in coffee shops and libraries for the last couple of weeks in the over zealous air-conditioning listening to "fall music" and have almost tricked myself into believing it is fall. (Then I walk outside and get blasted by the 106 degree heat...) I love the fall, and the newness of a new semester and the colder weather always makes me want to listen to a certain kind of music. This plus getting ready to head back to Europe has had me making new playlists on my iPod and looking around for some new tunes.

So I'm taking a break from the paper writing (down to 35 papers and only 50 pages left to read!) and using the school's wifi to download some tunes. Krystal gifted me an iTunes gift card they had laying around. I've been plotting for a little bit trying to decide what to buy. As I haven't really been paying attention or buying music in a while there are lots of albums out there that I debated on. What did I finally decide on?

Phoenix's album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

I came across Phoenix at the beginning of the summer and downloaded a bunch of their older stuff in China (Did you know you can legally download music from Google in China? ...OK, are at least *legal* according to the Chinese). They are a pop rock band from France (although they sing in English). I've been listening to them for a while, and I even heard their song Lisztomania on the Abilene radio this week (pleasant surprise Abilene!). So, I just downloaded their new album (which, ok, was released over a year ago).

It's pretty awesome. It's got everything you want in fall music--moodiness, excitement, dancy-ness, with a Euro-flair.

Also related, iTune's "Cancion de la Semana" (their Spanish free song of the week) has a free song from Polock, a band from Valencia, Spain. When I previewed it, the song made me instantly think of Phoenix. And what do you know, that's exactly what the iTunes description said too. But honestly, the song really baffled me. I previewed their entire album and these are Spaniards, singing in English...without an accent. Spaniards ALWAYS have accents. Although listening to the full length song you can hear a twinge of it, I'm still really baffled. Anyway, it's a good fee song.

For the free download:

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