Monday, August 2, 2010

Nose Job

A quick Emma update! Last week Emma had her first (of probably 10) surgeries. They fixed her cleft lip and her nose, as well as put in a gum and palate appliance. (They said putting in a denture-like gum-thing will help her face from caving in and might actually stimulate teeth to grow on that side of her mouth.)
She looks so different! She was feeling pretty crappy afterwards and the meds made her start throwing up (so much for her weight gain!). The surgeon told Danny and Angie (her parents) that she had an attitude! Angie rightly said, if anyone deserves to have an attitude, she does! It's probably what has kept her alive in the first place!

But even though she was feeling sub par, she still gave me some smiles. She even let me hold her while Angie ate. She wanted my sunglasses and gave us some more of her "attitude." : )

Ha, this kid is great. Anyway, today she is getting her stitches out. They are going to have to put her under again, but hopefully she won't react to the meds again. She gets to wear the splints on her arms (so she won't touch her mouth) for about 3 weeks I think. Prayers for her appreciated!

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Krystal said...

Such a cute baby girl! I love this pic of her and we will be praying! :) See ya maƱana!