Monday, August 9, 2010

Spain Pangs

The term "Spain Pangs" was coined by my good friend Meghann. It's the kind of thing where you just find yourself missing and dreaming about Spain.

Some days random things set it off. The smell of cigarette smoke. Alejandro Sanz on the radio. The smell of potatoes and garlic frying. People with lisps. One rainy day I caught a whiff of rain mixed with car exhaust, and was taken right back to my apartment in Santander.

Beautiful, I know.

When I was flying home from Istanbul I ended up stopping over in Madrid for almost 3 hours. Although I didn't have time to leave the airport, I had plans. These plans mostly involved food. I literally ran around the airport looking for the things I hadn't eaten or drunk for a while. First stop:

tortilla de patatas

Second stop:

turron de alicante

Third stop:

sugary cherry straws filled with marshmallow cream. (They sound weird and I used to scoff at my roommate when she ate them. Then I tried them. They come in all different shapes and lengths, but I would gladly make myself sick on them any day of the week.)

That one took a while, but I finally found some of them in a newspaper shop by my gate. Finally I gave up on finding churros con chocolate and settled in for:

a cup of cafe con leche.

I kid you not, it was the best cup of coffee I have had in YEARS. It was just from some sandwich shop, was in a paper cup and cost maybe a euro fifty. But man. Best coffee in probably 2 years.

So today, after talking to my old roommate from Spain and our friend Matt over the weekend, and looking at wedding pictures from some of the people at my church in Santander...I have a serious case of Spain Pangs.

The remedy?

A bit of turron and some (nescafe) cafe con leche


estrella morente casacueva y escenario.jpg

(some flamenco music)

All I know is that I am ready to be back on the European continent where I am just a quick flight away from Spain. I haven't seen my schedule yet, so who knows what kind of time off I am going to have, but I am crossing my fingers to make it back to Spain.

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