Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ok, so I wasn't kidding about spending all of my free time in coffee shops writing papers and reading. In fact, I have been hitting up the coffee shops enough the last couple of weeks to come up with some strategies.

I've been in Fort Worth mostly so there have been lots of options for places to study. Some places have good regular brewed coffee. Some places have free refills. Some places have delicious frappuccinos/etc. Some places have organic/free trade stuff.

And...some places are cheap.

After making my way around town, I have come up with a couple of good strategies. For example, for the next couple of months or so Starbucks will stamp the back of your receipt if you come in before 2pm with their "Treat Receipt" stamp. THEN you can come in after 2 to get a grande cold drink for $2!

So say you have an afternoon to spend studying...Here is the plan, you go before 2, get a cheap, small cup of brewed coffee for less than 2 bucks. After you have worked a while and gotten through the first cup of coffee (and after its 2pm) you go and get the grande cold drink. All for less than you would have paid for a small cold drink in the first place!

You're welcome.

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