Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Amazing Race

I leave in just a few hours for Greece! Unfortunately, I think tomorrow and Thursday are going to be loooong travel days. I'll leave my house in about 5 hours, then head to Newark, then to JFK, then to Brussels, then to Budapest, and then to Athens. Whew. It totals right at about 24 hour worth of travel.

I am telling myself it will be just like the Amazing Race. Oh my gravy!

The really interesting part will be when I land in Athens. Turns out they have scheduled a massive 24 hour nation-wide strike for Thursday. Cool. Apparently the air traffic control people are only striking for 4 hours and as of now, my flight is still on the schedule. And luckily, I scored a place to stay outside of the city center. With some locals. ...

I am couch surfing! I am really excited about it actually...athough it might be interesting getting to their place depending on if public transit is up and running or not. But they play in the Athens orchestra, how fun is that? Anyway, (even though all of my friends, psuedo parents, and life coach are out there cringing) I will be glad to stay with someone who knows their way around, especially with the strikes and things in Greece being a bit on the rocks lately. I promise not to get "taken."

OK, off to get a couple hours worth of sleep! I can't wait to hit up all the airports, smell all the perfume, look at all the duty free items, and listen to the dozen This American Life podcasts I have put on my ipod. Oh, yeah...and do the course work which I still haven't done. But I'm trying not to think of that right now (obviously...).

See you in a couple of weeks friends!

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