Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's All Greek To Me!

Some Greek fun...

The phrase thank you in Greek is Ευχαριστώ, which is pronounced "Efxaristo." Sound familiar? It's where we get the word Eucharist from. It means with literally grace, or gratefully. Interesting no?

I kept saying it to our server tonight as we ate dinner, and he told me I needed to learn another word. So I tried the word for OK, "endaxi," (which I learned from my Couch Surfing host!) and that went over pretty well. Then he told us that the english word "OK" is actually from Greek.

Apparently the Greek sailors in New York would write όλα καλά, or "Ola Kala"--which means basically all good, on ships or packages that were ready to go, ready to be shipped. Huh.

And then, the last Greek word I could throw out there?


Anyway, we had a FULL day of trekking up and down the Acropolis (we were not quite following my philosophy of "work smarter, not harder"). I'm beat, but so far so good!

OK (remember--its Greek!) some pictures below.

My couch surfing host Filenia and me at the port

Her super sweet mom came with us and bought us lunch!


Align Center
View of part of the city (5 million people!) from the theater in the Acropolis

Tough life!

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