Sunday, July 4, 2010


Maybe there has been a bit of a cloud over me this past month. It was brought on, well in part due to the actual clouds that have been hanging around and causing things to bloom that haven't bloomed in years (read: horrible allergies), but also by the stress of weddings and new bosses and classwork and dozens of hours logged on I20. And as of yesterday, a dead battery in a thunderstorm. BUT...

It is lifting. There's a kick in my step for several reasons...

A) I found a really tasty Thai place right by my house in Fort Worth.
B) I finally gave in and bought Train's latest album. I know it's probably lame, but I love Train. And I really love the song "If it's love." It even mentions Spain! It's a bad dance party waiting to happen.
C) I don't have to teach for 3 weeks!
D) I found my gold hoop earrings!
E) I bought my ticket to Turkey today. I leave for Europe in just a few days! (Also, the nice, nice lady at American Airlines got me on a same day flight out of Miami on my return. That means I don't have to overnight there, which means I don't have to/get to couchsurf there, which means my parents, life coach and friends don't have to worry about me being abducted into the slave trade anymore.)

But the biggest reason is this...

My niece Emma is finally HERE!

My nephew's family has been in the adoption process for FOUR years, and finally they were able to bring Emma home from China today! After so much time and so many prayers it was so sweet to see the little lady! It's nice to have another female in the family at last! : )

Meeting Emma at the DFW airport. And, check out that sweet bow that the awesomely thoughtful Krystal Phillips made for her! She plopped it straight on her head and loved it!

The welcoming party at the airport

Tickle time

My nephew got some fancy samurai pajamas!

She has the twinkliest eyes : )

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Abby said...

Love the pictures! She is so beautiful and looks so happy!

The life coach and I are excited to hear you will not me couch surfing in Miami... even if they did look like really nice people.