Friday, July 9, 2010


(As an aside...blogger is trying to talk to me in Greek. Confusing!)

I made it! But it sure did take me a looooooong time to get here. To start out, I knew it was going to be a long trip--I was scheduled to fly from DFW to Newark, transfer to JFK in NYC and then fly to Brussels, from there to Budapest and finally to Athens. Whew.

Now, with all those flights, the last thing you for the first one to run late. My flight into Newark was an hour late. Because it was late I missed the shuttle that I planned to take. When I finally got the completely unhelpful lady working at the tourist info booth for the Port Authority to explain where the next bus would pick up, and actually found the place, I had a pretty sure feeling that I was going to miss my connection.

See the lady told me her shuttle was faster, even though it took you into the city where you changed to a different bus to take you to the airport. She said each leg of the journey was about 30 minutes.


It took me almost 2 and a half hours. Granted it was NYC rush hour, but I don't know what that lady was smoking. That plus a crazy bus driver who wouldn't let me get on the bus (and the news isn't lying--they are having a HEAT wave up there!) until he adjusted every single thing he could think of inside, went and looked at the lights, the tires, the mirrors and then went inside and used the restroom. All without even looking at me. Ouf.

Anyway, once I made it to JFK and stood in another line I got a nice polish lady who helped get me rerouted. They wanted to charge me and make me over night and pay more miles, blah blah blah, but they finally put me on the flight to London that was leaving in less than an hour. Off I went, and then I connected to Athens from London.

It was SUPER stressful, but in the end, while not quicker, it was probably easier than making all the other stops.

Once I got to Athens (we were about an hour late leaving because of the strike) I realized that none of the trains/metros were running with the strike. Before I even could figure out what I was going to do my couch surfing host found me in the arrivals area! She came to pick me up!

They are super sweet--she picked me up and made me some coffee as we chatted on their veranda, and then latter cooked me up some spinach risotto and Greek-ish cheese cake. Yum. And they aren't sketchy at all! ; )

OK folks! That is the update. I think we might take a drive here in a bit to see a mountain that overlooks the city and then I will be off to the hotel to meet the Logsdon group. I'm hoping everything is on the up from here!

A couple more pictures below: (on top is grand central station, NYC)

NYC! Once I realized there was no way I was making it, I just enjoyed the views!

Finally in bus number 2...a bit sketchy-er but with a much nicer driver.

Finally to London Heathrow.

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Krystal said...

Glad you made it safely! I hope you watched them prepare your food.... don't want them slipping anything in there! j/k Enjoy your trip!