Friday, October 15, 2010

Hidden Brussels

So this afternoon I started flipping through a guidebook from the downstairs bookshelf. It's called Secret Brussels and has all kinds of fun facts and hidden gems of the city. One interesting fact I learned, when reading the section on touring the city's sewers, is that Brussels has so many rats that it comes out to about 2 rats for each human living in the city. Gross. Also, apparently, hidden away in the middle of the city is an urban farm complete with sheep, chickens and an orchard. I have definitely added that to my "to see" list.

This week I also came across a hidden gem in our neighborhood. After dropping off the car at the shop (Dad: I was right, it is a Renault), we walked home and passed a little park. We decided to go in and Janee showed me what just so happened to be a cave where, supposedly, Mary at one time appeared. Right in the middle of the neighborhood was this cave, with an alter inside, along with pictures, petitions, and ceramic "thank you" tiles all along the cave walls. Outside the cave were little booths containing the stations of the cross and several statues.

It was a strange departure from our Moroccan neighborhood, but fascinating nonetheless.

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