Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week in Review: Week 8

This week was pretty low-key. It started out inching along, and then was over before I knew it. Here's some highlights:
  • Yesterday we had the youth over for a sort of annual fun-day/Halloween celebration. It was a lot of fun, but 7 hours worth of teenagers in small quarters made my head tired.
  • We played some dirty/gross games with them. I was proud to say that the two that perhaps went over best were some that I brought over, namely chubby bunnies and the baby shower game where you melt chocolate in diapers and force the participants to taste and identify the chocolate.
  • We played these games outside our garage and, for me, one of the best parts was watching the neighbors and people passing by gawk at these kids making toilet paper mummies and eating out of diapers. There were almost a few wrecks.
  • My mom has decided to come visit for Thanksgiving! My last week here was free so we are going to spin around England for a few days. I'm excited!
  • I will be home in 5 weeks, and I WILL GRADUATE IN 6 WEEKS. I only have 4 papers and a portfolio left! (And, inshallah, 2 of those will be finished in the next day or so.)
  • I've decided I am going to incorporate what little Arabic I know into everyday conversations. Consider yourselves barakah-ed.
  • This coming week is a class break (to coincide with the break in the schools here). After this week I will only have 2 more weeks of teaching (the final week will be exams, etc.). I finally got my classes up to speed in the curriculum. It should be smooth sailing from here on out. Inshallah.
  • We were invited over to the house of some friends from church. It was a lovely evening all around, but one of the highlights for me was being able to see the stars on the way out to the car. I had realized earlier that I don't think I had seen a single star here--it's either cloudy or too bright in Brussels. They live outside of the city some, so it was almost a surprise to look up and see the Big Dipper.
  • I had to run to the store earlier to pick up something for lunch. Janee gave me a handful of change and out the door I went. Assuming she knew how much it would cost I hadn't grabbed my purse. I went to the store, grabbed the item and counted the change to make sure I would have enough--I had 1.80 and it cost 1.75. Good deal. Until I dropped one of the dimes...which rolled under the edge of the shelf. I kind of bent and looked but didn't see it. Turns out there was no bottom ledge to the shelf and the coin had gone ALL the way under the huge shelf. Normally, a dime is worth bending over for, but not worth digging around under shelving for--except I had no other money whatsoever on me. So, in the middle of the tiny aisle, in a dress, I had to get on all fours and reeeeeach through the dust and dirt to find the dime. Ugh.
  • I know these things have to happen to other people, but I sure feel like these things happen to me in much higher percentage. C'est la vie.
  • Faith and beliefs aside, it's nice being a Christian for superficial things as well--like not having to go to the halal butcher. I went this week so we could cook for our neighbors and not only are the lines four times longer but the butcher has a looong scraggly beard. I do not want that mixed into my hamburger meat.
Well, that about sums up the highlights of the week. It was long but not too eventful. I've got about a month left here, but the baby could be coming any time now, so who knows what the rest of my time here will look like!

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we're so barakah ed because of you!