Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just Right

I inherited my dad's dislike of the cold (maybe his cold heart too), and since I got here in early September, I have been bracing for the chill I knew was coming. Well it's here.

And I kind of love it.

I went for that really long walk I told you about and the crispness to the air was perfect. The last couple of days the rain has returned, and surprisingly, I have found it to be pretty lovely too. Today I had to go make copies of the second half of our English books to pass out tonight. It was colder than I thought out there, and was raining, but with my blue scarf and green polka dot umbrella, it felt just right. I had debated on buying the umbrella, because, well it's not just green, it's neon green. At least I figured I would be less likely to forget it somewhere when it was that bright. But today I realized it's perfect for grey days. (And for 2 Euro at Ikea, it was a steal too!)

Also, the cold has inspired me to stay inside some as well. That has led to 3, maybe 4, This American Life podcasts listened to, all of my laundry finished and put away, and the whole upstairs having been cleaned. I even rearranged furniture some this afternoon (which always makes me feel better) and created a little desk in my room next to the radiator. I'm hoping this inspires me to finish my last papers!

Anyway, I know the sentiment won't last, but for now, the cold is just right.

PS. As promised, a picture of my green polka dot umbrella:

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PB&J said...

Too cute! love the umbrella and your cold little heart!