Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week in Review: Week 7!

Well, week 7 is over and it has been a doozy.
  • It has been a busy week as far as classes are concerned--I gave, graded and gave back tests. Now we are on to trying to finish 4 units in less than 3.5 weeks. Ready, set, go.
  • Some of my students did horribly on the exam. It doesn't really bother me because I know they understand the things they messed up on. Still, it pained me to give them bad I wrote "good" even on the test of the person who made a 50...
  • The week began with a visitor who stayed in our house for 2 days. In the middle of the week Rob Nash, head of CBF's missions side, stopped in for a night. And then today, to top it off the week, Hary's brother, 3 neices and a family friend from Antwerp all came by. It's been a full house.
  • I graduate in 7 weeks! I only have 5 papers and a portfolio to go!
  • Maybe the weather is the culprit, but I was cursed with a migraine for 2 days this week. Not fun.
  • Yesterday we got to go work with Tabitha ministries again, who work with the homeless here in Brussels. We made sandwiches for a few hours and then went to the station to feed two hundred and fifty people.
  • I passed out the soup again. Even though it's pronounced the same in English and French lots of people kept laughing at me when I offered it to them. Whatever.
  • After the homeless feeding we stopped in a memorial service for a close family type person for Hary. It was at our church, but involved mostly the orthodox church that meets there on Saturdays. It was like stepping into a different world. There were people everywhere and a couple of moments after we walked in the door plates of food were shoved at us.
  • My favorite memory of the evening? We got to talk to 2 head honchos in the Assyriac Indian Orthodox Church (or something like that...). I spotted them the moment we walked in because their outfits were awesome (and bright red)! Turns out these 2 live in the US (in Providence and Columbus) and speak English. We chatted for a while but I mostly just stared at their robes/necklaces/fancy walking sticks/beards/rings.
  • We did a little internet research when we got home (because I needed a picture of them!). See below!
  • Despite being in a position to be called "his eminence" and wearing crazy costumes these guys were friendly, charismatic, and totally accessible. If being Baptist doesn't work out, I might have a plan B...
  • Also in the bizarre department: At the memorial service someone came up to congratulate one of the guys I had been speaking to that evening (who happens to be 37). On his engagement. To me. Talk about total surprise! Apparently one of the idiot guys in our church spread that one around for reasons I still don't understand. Can we say awkward??
  • Hary's been wanting me to cook, so tonight I dusted off my Southern roots and fried up some chicken. That with the sweet tea and little bit of Texas country music made me feel right at home.
  • I also managed to smoke up the entire kitchen. Oops.
Anyway, that about wraps up the week. It was a long one, but I'm quickly realizing my time here is already on the downhill slide. It's been a whirlwind so far! OK, check out our friend below! (He was only wearing the red on Saturday and his walking stick has gotten a major upgrade since this picture was taken. But seriously, how awesome is that??)

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