Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week in Review: Week 5

It's Sunday--you know the drill! Week in Review take 5:
  • Friday we took a quick day-trip across the border in France to go to a Flemish tapestry factory. When we got there they told us it had actually been moved...back to Belgium. Oops.
  • While we were in France we took the opportunity to eat at KFC. It hit the spot.
  • Saturday I went to Morocco. And by that I mean I walked outside of our door. This weekend is our neighborhood's carnival/garage sale/market weekend where they shut down some streets and bring out the market stalls. It smelt, looked and felt just like Morocco.
  • There was also a marching band of clowns. That bit was not very Moroccan.
  • We sat for a couple of hours on some steps, just eating apple beignets and watching everyone walk by. It was QUALITY people watching.
  • Those kilos of chocolate I told you about last week? Yep, a dangerous thing to just have sitting in your room.
  • Classes are going well--we finished our third unit this week. One more unit to go until it's midterm.
  • My conversation classes are by far my favorite.
  • Friday night Janee made a Pakistani dish she learned in Africa. It was pretty tasty.
  • Hary is still gone to Syria. He will be back in Brussels early Wednesday morning. I am looking forward to some good stories!
  • It has been warm this week--like upper 60s and even into the low 70s. I feel like we had our winter and now we are on to spring. Something tells me that when winter really does get here I will be disappointed.
  • I took yesterday to do some class reading and paper writing. I only have 7 more papers to write in my entire graduate school career! Who's excited?!
  • I need to get busy on post-grad./pre-tirement/sabbatical/quarter-life crisis trip planning. Who's got ideas?
  • There were ponies at our little street fair yesterday.
  • In Chocolat fashion I decided to buy some chocolate with chili peppers in it. I know this was a really dumb observation, but it was HOT! And sadly too hot for my weak taste buds.
  • When we finally made it to the Flemish tapestry factory, it was right outside of Gent, Belgium. We went into the little town and had a looksy. I was very impressed. It was a bit like Brugges but not as frozen in time.
  • Also, this week I figured out Google Talk/Voice. If you get a call from (325) 455-0440, answer! It's me!
  • I know this is unbelievable, but just this week I had my very first, real deal, made fresh on the street Belgian waffle. It pretty much lived up to the hype.
OK, some pictures below to enhance the fun! Bonne journée!

Castle in Gent

Moi at the canal in Gent

A very small portion of our carnival/street market

People watching and sneaking a picture

A closer look at the apple beignets. In typical fair fashion there was plenty of fried food all around.


My first real waffle

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