Saturday, October 2, 2010

Week in Review: Week 4

Is it really October? Week 4 has come and gone as how my first of 3 months in Brussels. I did some touristy things this week and have lots of pictures that I will hopefully get up soon. But for now, week 4 in review:
  • Because coffee here comes in such small (but intense) doses, and because I am around so many Arabs, I have taken to drinking a lot of tea.
  • Syrian coffee is NASTY. Bleh. It tastes like a combination of black pepper and tar.
  • Hary went back to Syria this week. Because of a strike in Brussels that cancelled all flights Syrian Airlines called with a new plan. They loaded up all the passengers on a bus at 3 AM and drove them to Amsterdam to pick up a flight there.
  • Going to the airport at 3 AM has one plus--They have the only Starbucks in town (in the country?), and it was still (already?) open!
  • This whole week I have been suffering at the hands of Belgian pollen. Belgian cough syrup has a whole different taste to it--it tastes sweet like vanilla for the first millisecond then tastes like black death. You also have to drink it from a spoon which causes you to have to taste quite a bit more of it then when you shoot it.
  • Friday we got up early and made a quick trip to Aachen, Germany (pictures to come soon). In an hour and a half we had made it through 3 countries--Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. There and back we made it across 4 national borders on a 1/4 tank of gas!
  • Yesterday (Saturday) Janee and I were forced into staying for lunch at the house of a couple from our church. The couple is Italian and Moroccan and we were joined by two Belgian born Spaniards. We had quiche, Moroccan tagine, and pecorino cheese. It was a nice mixture of cultures.
  • Mario, the husband, also worked selling coffee machines for years. I had the best coffee I've had since I arrived in Belgium at their house.
  • Logsdon friends: I bought a sweater vest this week. International sweater vest day soon?
  • My French is slightly improving. I'm decent at understanding, and not being able to breathe out of my nose has drastically improved my accent.
  • I still think Arabic is more fun. For example: hella is Arabic for "now."
  • Cool cool is also Arabic for "eat up!" which I hear a lot when in Arab homes.
  • The worst day of allergies this week I abandoned my plans to be the a super tourist and decided to spend the entire next to the heater writing papers. The good news is that I only have 4 papers (and 7 journals) left in graduate school!
  • One day this week I got locked IN a cemetery and OUT of our house. In the rain. (more on that later)
  • Friday night we had the youth over. As entertainment one of the youth brought his magic tricks. I was imagining quarters coming out of ears, but this kid was legit! Like a less satanic David Blaine. In our living room.
OK, so that is week 4 in review! Things are going by so quickly, I can't believe I am already down to 9 weeks left!

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