Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Note On Waffles

Before I came to Brussels I admit that I never really liked waffles. A lot of that has to do with me not much liking syrup, but I was just never a huge fan.

But let me tell you this: Belgian waffles are not like waffles in The States. I have seen "Belgian Waffles" on menus and in restaurants, but making a normal waffle and calling it "Belgian" does not make a Belgian waffle. Neither does making a really big normal waffle.

For one thing Belgian waffles aren't made out of batter, they are made of dough. They roll it into balls and squeeze them in the waffle maker rather than the old pour and flip method of American waffle makers. The other major thing is the sugar. For Belgian waffles you need waffle sugar: 

See waffle sugar comes in chunks. The chunks are mixed into the dough and then cooked up. Some chunks on the edges even get a bit caramelized. 

And the best part? No syrup required!

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