Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week in Review: Week 12

Ah, my final week in review from Belgium! But, I'm soo tired, so just a quick overview (when I get home, I promise to fill you all in):

  • My mom is here! We've had a tour around the "Belgian" part of Brussels along with the "Moroccan" part of Brussels, along with a day trip out to Bruges. Good times. 
  • Thanksgiving was this week--so much to be thankful for! Especially for green bean casserole. 
  • Tuesday we had a potluck/thanksgiving/end of course celebration in conversation. We had a nice mixture of Moroccan, African, Polish and American dishes. My students ended up staying hours late and it was a good time over all. 
  • 2 of my students (the twins) gifted me a USB powered salt-rock lamp. The most random gift I have received, but awesome nonetheless. 
  • Tomorrow we are headed to England! Yay for English!
  • After all that complaining about French, the last few days I have realized just how much I have picked up over the last 3 months. Considering I came with little more than Bon jour and je t'aime I guess its not too bad.
  • Today at church I said goodbye to a lot of people. I am not a huge fan of the goodbyes. 
  • I might have to come back in March for our neighbor's wedding...
  • I love our neighbors. 
  • The Belgian Christmas market is up! So pretty!
  • It has turned very, very cold. It's supposed to be -10 sometime next week. Tomorrow has a low of 18 degrees. That makes coming back to Texas all the more enticing. 
  • I will be home on Saturday! Bring on the Mexican food and sunshine!
  • Our neighbors made us a Moroccan tea tonight that contained absinthe--the plant, not the liquor. It may or may not have contained a drug. 
The end. I'll catch you all up later!

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