Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week in Review: Week 10

It's Sunday--Week in Review time!

  • Phoebe is here! Janee had her early on Thursday. The whole process was complicated and scary and ended in an emergency cesarian, but both of them are now doing great--hamdula!
  • My foot is a mix of purple and black, and I'm still having some headaches, but I'm not too much worse for the wear after my tumble down the stairs. 
  • With all the activities of the week, I've already fallen off the whole blog-a-day November bandwagon. But hey, I tried. 
  • Yesterday one of Hary's friends stopped by the house here to pick me up and take me to the hospital to see everyone. They surprised me by showing up early. I invited them up for coffee and the whole thing just kept striking me as odd. They live in Antwerp so they don't even speak French (not that my French really does me any good...) so it was just me and 4 Arabic speakers. I was trying to be a good Arab host, serving all the coffee and busting out all of the cookies/seeds/nuts/etc., using just hand motions and the handful of Arabic words I know. Everyone (except me) chatted for about 30 minutes, and then we were off. The subsequent search for a florist and 20 minute drive to the hospital didn't fail to be less interesting either.
  • I played video games this week with some of my youth for the first time in probably 6 years. Unfortunately it seems my years of experience driving a car has not improved my ability to keep my car on the road in video games. 
  • IT'S LESS THAN ONE MONTH UNTIL I GRADUATE. How bout them apples?! The plan is to finish my last paper this evening and get the portfolio sent off sometime this week. ELF hamdula!
  • For those wanting an update...I was pretty sure Mr. Collins understood that I was not interested in marrying him. Unfortunately the hilarious/pitiful texts he sent me out of the blue this week might argue the contrary. 
  • Rain, rain go away, come again in 3 weeks when I have moved back to Texas. But seriously, it has not stopped raining for what feels like weeks. 
  • I've been doing quite a bit of cleaning, cooking and laundry this week. That also means I've been listening to a lot of This American Life podcasts. Sadly I've gone through almost all of the old episodes Cody gave me. 
  • I got the dress ordered (after some creative measurement taking measures). One less thing to do when I get back. 
  • It kind of scares me that when I tried to write in Spanish this week that all that came to mind was my crappy French.
And...that's it for today. Three weeks from yesterday I'll be back in Texas--which is kind of hard to believe. I know this last month is going to fly by, so I am trying to soak up what I can! OK, marsalami.

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