Thursday, June 23, 2011

Camino de Santiago: Break time--Cantabria!

After Burgos I took a break from the Camino and caught a bus straight up to Cantabria (where I taught English for a year a while back). The strangest thing was that after walking for 10 days, watching the landscapes change slowly, I experienced some motion sickness on the bus ride up to the coast. Granted there are a lot of mountains on that route, but I took that bus numerous times when I lived there and never had a problem. 

I finally made it off the bus and spent the day with my friend Sara in Torrelavega. She is the daughter of one of the teachers that I taught with and ended up coming to Texas to work on her English the summer after I left Spain. It was great to catch up for a bit and we even squeezed in a trip to Suances to see the coast. 


Spring on the Cantabrian coast

I had forgotten just how beautiful the coast was there

Sara, myself and one of her friends

Sunday I woke up, said goodbye to the girls and made my way to Santander--the city I used to live in. I was also lucky enough to time my trip on a Sunday meaning I got to go to church and see some of my good friends there. Afterwards we went out for lunch and then decided to head to the beach!

The girls and Carlos

I left my sunglasses at Sara's house and needed another pair quick. One of the guys at the church works in a newspaper stand and pointed me to a magazine that was sold with a free pair of shades. They came highly recommended--as you can see, even though the insides were pink, he had a pair himself. 

Mmm, we also had Regma!


It was a really quick visit, but it was great to see so many old faces and meet some new ones as well. It was good to rest for a bit and sleep in a real bed...but at the same time, I was missing the Camino! Sunday night I bused it back to Burgos and checked back in to the albergue so I could hit the trail on running (or...walking) on Monday morning! 


C.C. Almon - my journey as a Christ follower, wife, mamma, and fibromyalgia fighter said...

Absolutely beautiful Lauren! I want to be transported there right now.

Matt Neilson said...

REGMA!!! That would have made the trip for me right there!! Very cool Lauren! Keep up the posts!! :D