Thursday, June 9, 2011

An Update From...THE PRESENT!

Hello from the present! Are we enjoying all these Camino posts? I hope so. But if not, well, I don't really care because I am actually loving organizing my Camino pictures/memories. Anyway, I thought I would give the Camino a break and pop in from the present.

Yes, I am still traveling for those asking. As of today I am in Montenegro! I really had no mental picture of Montenegro, but if I'd had one...boy, this sure wouldn't have been it. It's absolutely gorgeous here--dramatically so. I'm in Kotor--There are huge mountains surrounding the bay creating an imposing fjord which cradles a walled Venetian town. Spectacular.

But while the view from here is know what I've been thinking about all day?


Yep. I've come to the part of my travels where I am missing and craving all kinds of American food. Not only biscuits, but breakfast burritos, ranch dressing, brisket...Any kind of Mexican food.  Cheddar cheese. Filter coffee. Sweet tea. A melon agua fresca. Yellow squash.


Maybe it's because I've been sick off (presumably) something I ate the last few days and just have been craving something "normal."

To remedy this, I broke one of my travel rules and had a hamburger tonight. Why do I have a travel rule about eating hamburgers? Well, because outside of the US they always involve some kind of SPAM type substance.

And, that is precisely what I ended up with for dinner. A SPAM burger with cucumbers on top. Boo.

I guess I'll just have to settle for the splendid views.

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