Friday, June 3, 2011

Camino De Santiago (In Photos!): Pamplona

Now that I have been reunited with my computer and had a few days to relax, I've decided to dive into my (thousands of) Camino pictures. Just looking through the pictures has been a lot of fun, so I thought I would get down to the business of sharing them with you. It'll probably be a long series as I have not so judiciously edited down the pictures. But hey, who doesn't like pictures?

Pamplona is where my Camino began. I bused in from Girona (Barcelona) and had a couple of days to find the supplies I would need and give myself a final rest. I had never been to Pamplona and was really surprised by how nice it was. It was full of beautiful churches, which (in what would become a trend) were all closed. It's also where I saw my first flechas (arrows, or trail markers) and my very first pilgrims. 

In the window is a Basque separatist flag--throughout the camino it became very apparent that Spain's different regions do not like to play together. 

Bullring and the end of the running of the bulls

Some churros y chocolate to celebrate the beginning of my Camino!

My first steps!

OK, more to come! PS. To see the blog I posted from Pamplona way back when, check here

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