Monday, June 6, 2011

Camino De Santiago: Day 5-Viana to Navarrete

Next up day 5! Not a lot of interesting pictures because day 5 and part of day 6 were spent with these guys: 

Oh man. It was mentally taxing. They both insisted on sticking with me and talked constantly in "Spanish"--one was speaking Portuguese and the other was speaking Spanish with such a thick Catalan accent, and spoke in riddles, that I could hardly understand either one of them (especially after a few hours of hiking). 

We quickly made it to Logrono. It was early on a Saturday morning and the streets were full of people in green vests. It turned out to be a "photography marathon" which meant, especially in all our pilgrim gear, that we ended up in a lot of their shots.

My favorite moment in Logrono was a little further into the city. We were walking down the main drag looking for a specific pilgrim's cafe and I heard these two men on a bench next to me yell, "La Tejana!" (the Texan!). It was one of those moments where you look down to see if you are wearing a name tag with a flag on it or something. I was incredibly confused until I realized they were two pilgrims I had met from Alicante who were ending their Camino in Logrono (lots of Spaniards do the Camino in stages). I didn't recognize them at first because they had shaved, were wearing normal clothing and were sitting around with their wives. It was fun welcome to the city.

A typical midmorning Camino moment: map, cafe con leche, tortilla, icyhot

Leaving Logrono there was a nice park and even a lake. Since it was Saturday it seemed like the whole town was out relaxing. We sat down, had Cokes and enjoyed the view for a while. 

As much as pilgrims like to stack rocks (see the last post) they also like to make twig crosses in chain link fences. 

Feminist that I am, I got really excited to see that they had made a female pilgrim sign. Just when I was ready to applaud Spain for their gender inclusivity I realized that someone had just taken a permanent marker to the standard sign to make it into a peregrina. I figure it's a win either way. 

Yet another cemetery

Once we got to Navarrete we had a nice lunch and then tried to find a pharmacy. In what seemed like a cruel joke the one in Navarrete (a pretty small town) was closed--the sign on the door said the nearest one open was in Logrono (not that far in a car, but painful when you think that you walked all day to get from there!).

So there we go! Another day on the Camino de Santiago. I remember at this point thinking it was a bit disheartening because I had walked for 5 whole days and would still see road signs showing Pamplona as just a couple hours away in a car. Poco a poco!

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