Friday, June 3, 2011

Camino De Santiago: Day 2-Puente La Reina to Estella

Day 2 was another in what would be a long string of  exhaustingly beautiful days. I remember finally making it to the hostel (I'm pretty sure I got a little bit lost trying to find it--finding the albergues frequently was a bit tricky...probably made worse by the fact that my brain was generally mush by that time of the day) and just lying down on my bunk. 

Even though I was ready to eat dinner by 5pm, I ended up waiting until almost 9pm to eat. The albergue was a parish hostel and the local priest, a really young guy, kept the kitchen stocked with basics. Ricardo, an Italian pilgrim, offered to cook for us. After mass, where we all received a pilgrim's blessing in our language, Claire and I helped cook--which was interesting because Ricardo, sweet as he was, didn't speak hardly a lick of English or Spanish. He was great though, and didn't even mind that I couldn't beat the eggs the way he wanted...or that I eventually spilled them all over myself. 

Sunrise from Puente La Reina--eventually I would start sleeping in a bit more! 


Puente La Reina gets its name from this bridge (puente) built for the queen (la reina)

Still a long way to go

"It's like a long lost Picasso painting"

Up, up, up

Up, up, up...

Starting to get into wine country

So many green, green fields. Spring was an absolutely gorgeous time to walk the Camino

So much hay! It also happened to be the only shade for miles. 

Cathedral in Estella

Enjoying dinner! Ricardo is in orange, also included are a Spanish couple from Avila, 3 Brazilians and a Portuguese guy. 

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