Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Return To An Old Standby: Week in Review!

Remember the Week in Review?

Yeah, hardly me neither. But seeing as I'm really behind on blogging and the posts I do have up are jumping around from month to month (and, full disclosure: I've got some time to kill), I thought this might be fun. So people, it's the Week in Review

  • Late this afternoon I'm taking a bus to the Montenegrin capital where I'll change over to an overnight train headed to Belgrade. I could take a bus straight from here (Kotor, Montenegro) but I am kind of excited about the train. It's supposed to be beautiful and the probability of me sleeping on the train vs. the bus seems much higher. 
  • I was going to go to Albania next...but getting their involved too many steps. I decided to go up to Serbia and then come back down. I'll go to Albania after Macedonia. 
  • Montenegro has some outrageously beautiful landscapes. 
  • Yesterday I did a "whole country tour." (That is when you know a country is small...) It went from 8 AM till 9 PM and included mountains, mausoleums, monasteries, vomiting (not me thankfully), a flat tire, lakes, a driver nicknamed General Patton, pilgrims and luxury resorts. It was a full day. 
  • I got really upset at the owner of the hostel in Kotor this morning. I'm non-confrontational. She was yelling. I left and wrote a negative online review. Who's got the power now?!
  • I've realized that telling myself that I will write a letter/review makes me feel better about situations whether I write them or not. 
  • Don't stay "Montenegro Hostel" brand hostels. Just sayin. 
  • My favorite part of the argument was when she said that if I wrote a negative review of the hostel she would use my passport details to "report me." To the Lonely Planet.
  • I climbed to the top of the Kotor's town walls. All 1500 steps.  
  • I finally got around to cooking the half bag of pasta I didn't realize I'd been carrying in my backpack for the last month. 
  • I saw a headline last night that said 31 Europeans had died of some rare strand of Ecoli. Even though it was mostly contained to Germany, I think I'll go back to my previous assertion that washing fruits and vegetables is a necessity not a luxury.   
  • I have been listening to some good music lately. For tonight's long bus ride I just bought Paolo Nutini's Sunny Side Up. I'm not sure it says "Belgrade" but it's pretty good.  
  • I took a few days off and lounged on the Croatian island of Korcula this week. I finally found a nice (and uncrowded!) sandy beach to swim and lounge at all day. The water was perfect, but apparently the sun was a little too strong. Hello sunburn. It didn't last long though and I'm officially the tannest I have ever been. (Which of course doesn't mean much.)   
OK, that's about all I have at the moment. Now I am going to randomly select a few pictures off my memory card for your viewing pleasure. And the winners are: 

Walking through local vineyards on my way to the beach on Korcula

A tiny island I visited in the Bay of Kotor

Kotor from above

The view part of the way up the 1500 steps of the town wall

Some Montenegrin mountain views...I'm a little dizzy just thinking back on it

OK, after sitting at this cafe for...4.5 hours my compy is dying! (aka, No spell check this time...) See you in Belgrade!



Krystal said...

Glad to see your smiling face...and to know that it is your writing this blog and not some crazy! haha Miss ya friend! :)

asia marie @ upward said...

nice to see your pretty face on here!