Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Guess Where I Am?!

Anybody got a guess?

I'm in Kosovo! In Prishtina, the captal. And more specifically? I'm in a proper hotel!

Now, Prishtina doesn't have any international hotels, so this one is still...a little quirky. A little like staying in your rich great-aunt's attic. Yet, after months of hostels and sobe (rented rooms from local grandmas), and especially after the last place I stayed in southern Serbia (which might have been nice in, oh, 1958...and probably had it's carpets cleaned for the last time around that date as well) this place feels like a palace!

A palace with wifi, cable, AC and a bathroom all to myself. I think the last time all these elements collided I was in Cyprus (in March).

(And after watching the news in English for the first time in that long...World, have you fallen to bits while I wasn't looking?!)

Anyway, Prishtina has been surprising. I think eclectic is how I would describe it so far. My first thought, walking around the outskirts, was that it reminded me of a nice section of a Mexican border town--lots of concrete, single story buildings and houses with walls around the front yards. A little further into the center things started to look more European and also a little Turkish. I happened upon what apparently was a city-wide, Tuesday evening carnival/music festival (picture headscarf wearing Grandmas sitting on benches 10 feet away from a mosh pit) complete with just about every kind of street food you can sell. The people have all been friendly, and all seem to speak English (and are really excited when I throw out one of my 5 Albanian words!).

As far as sights go though, there's not too terribly much to see. This means some time sipping coffee reading in cafes, catching up on the downloads which have been piling up, a little laundry and some planning for the rest of my trip (I've been going through the Balkans slowly, but a little faster than I planned. I'm trying to decide how I will use this extra time and make my way from the Balkans up to Zurich to catch my flight home...I have some fun ideas rolling around!).

And, if you are lucky, I might even try to catch up on some blogs!

Mirë u pafshim!

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