Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baile Folklorico

By happy chance I was in Boquete during a region wide (I think) celebration that brought in baile folklorico (traditional dance) and music groups from all around. Everyone got dressed up, paraded through town and then took turns dancing in the town square. It was a misty and cool day, but I loved taking it all in.

I was amused watching all of the dances thinking back to my experience with baile folklorico. When I was in high school I got placed in a native speaker's Spanish class because of scheduling conflicts or general incompetencies, or I don't even know what. Needless to say I was not a native speaker and was lost the whole time (embarrassing myself on several occasions). I finished the class without learning a lick of Spanish (but with a decent understanding of how to put accents on words). Anyway, when it got close to Cinco de Mayo, my teacher thought we should get in touch with our roots and learn some baile folklorico. My protests of not even being hispanic fell on deaf ears and I ended up spinning around in big skirts with the rest of my class. 

More pictures:

The tiny kids were my favorite. 

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