Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So I made it to Cyprus! And I got here with only a few problems. But if this picture is any indication, I have figured things out:

I haven't had Starbucks since before I left in January, and, I must say, for as commercial as it is...it sure is tasty. (And considering an hour's worth of internet alone costs 3 euro here, I figured I might as well get a coffee and free wifi for a euro more.) The coffee combined with a sea view, wifi and a fantastic oldies playlist coming through the speakers makes for a pretty good morning.

Other solutions?

The first problem was that the security at Athen's airport is ridiculous. They have the airport sectioned off so that there are separate security lines for every couple of gates. That means no lines...but also that the security officers have a lot more time on their hands. Long story short, they took my contact solution. Never mind that I checked with the TSA before I left (even being assured by the agent at DFW that it was ok), my pleas that I needed that specific brand (I could be allergic to another one!), or the fact that it was a nearly full bottle (so expensive!), away into the trash it went. The unfortunate thing is that I nonchalontly pulled the bottle out and gave it to them, because I was so sure it was ok. I know that contact solution is difficult to spot in bags (or so I have read), so chances are if I hadn't pulled it out I would have gotten it through. Oh well, I'll just buy more. Cest la vie.

My other problem was that, well I had no plans whatsoever for my time in Cyprus. I had a hotel booked for my first 3 nights in the city I flew into, but how to get to town from the airport, what to do after that, etc. was all up in the air. I figured I would figure it out when I got here. And what do you know, I did. (Love it when things work out like that!) There was a TI booth in the airport and I found hands down the most helpful tourist information guy I've ever met. Transportation to town? He gave me three options. Map of Larnaka? Check. Other cities in Cyprus? He gave me a detailed map for every single one. He even gave me a history/guide book for Cyprus that is more helpful than my Lonelyplanet guidebook (Rick Steves where are you when I need you!?). He welcomed me to the country and told me not to worry--to use my 3 days in Larnaca to read everything and plan the rest of my trip. That was my idea exactly!

So yeah, it's nice when things actually work out well. I made it to the city center from the airport (for only 1 euro!), found my way to my hotel without getting lost, and the friendly receptionist even gave me a room with a great view. The room was a great deal for this beachside town, but I won't lie...it's kind of like sleeping in an easyJet plane. That's probably because, well, the hotel is owned by the same company. Anyway, my easyHotel room is full of that familiar orange and has a plane sized bathroom, but is clean and has a balcony--perfect for my plan of reading away my time here.

Oh, and I solved one other problem--my realization that it had been over 2 months since I had a hamburger. So what did I do? I became one of those tourists and treated myself to a nice McDonalds meal last night. Feel free to judge me, but I won't care--it hit the spot!

Pictures below:


New boats in the marina

Old boats in the marina

My easyJet/easyHotel room

My teensy airplane bathroom

The view from my balcony!


Sandy said...

Glad you made it, Cyprus looks wonderful! Hope you enjoy

klyle said...

Fantastic! Love the pictures and the wonderful account of your experience.

Jenny Walls said...

shower curtain??? haha...glad you made it!!