Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Larnaka, Cyprus

So I thought I might catch up on blogging when I was in Texas for a few days. That obviously didn't happen. I also thought I might catch up a bit when I was here in Cyprus, taking it easy for a week or so. I've come to the realization that this is not going to happen. Not only have I not shown you most of Nicaragua, I now haven't shown you Sounio or Corinth from the Greece trip. 

I am also about to drop off of the grid again--the Camino is just around the corner. I'll be bare bones-ing it as I hoof it across Spain on foot, so starting April 1st or so, things will drop back down to only occasional updates from internet cafes along the way (if that). But for now...I'll just try to keep up with Cyprus!

Today I was reading through my guidebook in my room still in pjs when I realized the weekly walking tour started in 10 minutes. Too bad, I thought. And then I thought, well...I might could make it. What do you know, I did. I ended up with the worst tour guide ever, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless. Afterwards I explored other parts of the city, finally broke down and bought an umbrella (it has poured every afternoon since I got here!), and walked through Lazarus' tomb in Agios Lazaros. To wrap up the afternoon I found myself a cafe with big windows (and wifi!) and have been planning my next step here in Cyprus.

I will admit it's been hard to keep in my self-imposed strict budget here in Cyprus (it's a lot more expensive than I originally thought it would be), but especially considering the camino is coming quickly, I caved when I saw a crazy deal for a fancy hotel on the coast. So, the plan for the next few days is to kick back! Because, sometimes you just need a vacation from your vacation. 

Pictures below!

I generally say that traveling is a continual exercise in problem solving skills ( least for me!). This is what you get when you want to make tea and don't have a kettle or cup: tea made with hot water from the sink in a water bottle. It works. 

More colonial archetecture

Carpentry shops


Inside the fort/castle

A look at the sea: If my geography is correct (and it's probably not) I think we should be looking toward Palestine

Another shot of the castle

Some more pretty houses

Church of Agios Lazaros (St. Lazarus) From my relatively useless Lonely Planet:

Lazarus was expelled from Jerusalem and came to Larnaka, where he was ordained as a bishop by St. Barnabas. He reportedly remained a bishop for 30 years. After he died (for the second time) he was buried where the current church stands. His relics did not stay entombed for very long after their discovery in 890, as they were transported to Constantinople and subsequently removed to Marseille in 1204. 

A shot of some of the icons in the church

Sarcophagi where Lazarus was supposedly buried

Next stop: Agia Napa. It's supposed to have beautiful water but be incredibly touristy. It's only March though, so I'll hold my judgement until I see it for myself!

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Can you bring that pink gate back for me as a souvenir? Thanks! )