Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week in Review Sabbatical Style: Week 10!

Another week has come and gone. And let me tell you, this week has gone well. It's the week in review: 
  • In the end I found an even cheaper deal for another night at my hotel here in Agia I just stayed another night. No complaints.   
  • Apparently I when I advanced my watch when I came to Europe it messed the days up (although any of you who have seen my watch lately will wonder how I see anything off of it). I couldn't remember what day it was this morning, and my watch said Sunday. So Sunday it was. Until about an hour ago when I realized my computer and the hostel booking devises were telling me otherwise. This makes the confusing conversation I had with the receptionist about the time change tonight make more sense. 
  • Tonight begins "summer time" (aka the end of daylight savings time). 
  • Tomorrow being Sunday also means that buses tomorrow are very limited. 
  • I got another cup of Greek coffee from the same place. The first sip sent an actual shiver up my spine. (I will say though, the thing about coffee I really love is the little jolt you get about 2 sips in. This stuff? It sends caffeine fireworks through your system. I can barely type.)
  • For those keeping track, I decided to start my Camino in Pamplona. 
  • I also bought a small 4 euro bottle of contact solution. It is 120 ml, and here the limit for bottles that go in your zip lock bag for the plane is 100 ml. If they make me throw this one away too I will not be happy. 
  • In Larnaka I got chatted up by the Arab waiter at the restaurant I went to. His name was Ibrahim. Imagine that. 
  • In Cyprus people drive on the left side of the street. I have almost died crossing the road...twice. 
  • OK, I probably wouldn't have died. 
  • I have been getting a lot of reading in here, which was part of the plan. I read Love Wins and Northanger Abby this week. Kind of an odd combo, but hey, I enjoyed both. 
  • Remember how I went on about the Central American sun being bright? Yeah well the sun is pretty strong here too. Hello sunburn!
  • I had some great moments of depth perception this week. I love it when that happens. (See this if you are confused by that statement.) 
  • I got a check in the mail this week to cover the replacement (and major upgrade!) of my laptop. The insurance covered ALL of it (including a copy of Microsoft Office that was on there). Seriously people, if you are students (and I am pretty sure even if you aren't) run to get yourself some student insurance: (especially if you are as clumsy/accident prone as I am...)
  • I've been catching up on the news since I have a TV with 2 English channels. Kind of glad I ended up nixing the Middle Eastern portion of my trip right about now. 
  • The plan for the next few days: head to Limassol for a couple of nights (another coastal city), head into the mountains to see some villages and monasteries, then see the world's only divided capital.
  • I just realized (again) that today isn't Sunday consider this a week in review a day early!  
Just a few pics below: 

My "beach recliner"

The view from the recliner. I had the beach to myself. 

Arabic on the tea, Greek on the cream, Hebrew on the Sweet and Low

The view from here. That coffee looks innocent enough, but whew. I'll be up all night. 

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