Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lemesos, Kourion and Say What?

I set these pictures to upload while I got some other things done. Then blogger tells me I've run out of space. Say what?! I didn't even know that happened. So you only get some of the pictures right now (it's ok, it's most of them). Also, who knows how to remedy this? 

PS. Dad remember how I joked about how it cost money to blog and you said you would send me money to cover it? I was only kidding then, but now...  : )

Lemesos, or Limassol (several cities in Cyprus have two names...which is confusing), wasn't bad. The crumbly colonial buildings were right up my ally. The Lebanese restaurants were a highlight. Overall though, while I enjoyed it when I was there, now that I have moved on I can say that the city was pretty "meh."The highlight of my time there was the trip I took out to the nearby ancient city of Kourion. The views were absolutely beautiful and the ruins were pretty impressive as well. 

Pictures of both below:

Saw this sign in town. That's harsh. 

Colonial facades 

Roman steam baths in the Agora section of the ruins at Kourion

These trees were everywhere with little yellow fluff ball flowers

Mosaic floors in an old palace

The theater 

These railings surrounded the stadium. As the wind blew through the area it would go through the tiny holes you can see on the underside of these rails and the wind would whistle. Especially with the acoustics of the theatre amplifying it, it was a cool but almost eery sound. 

The view--the water was so blue!

More mosaic floors

More blue seas

Just a beautiful area of the country

Remains of a really early Christian church. 

OK, and I'll get the rest of them up when I figure this "no more space" issue out. But don't worry--I already have one plan to try (and of doesn't involve just getting over it and paying the money!). 

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