Monday, March 14, 2011

Week In Review Sabbatical Style: Week...?

OK, so it has been forever (or at least since Panama) that I did a proper week in review, so here's a go at the old standby:

  • Yesterday I bought my tickets out of Santiago in Spain to Croatia. I bought a ticket with Ryanair from Santiago to Barcelona (From the far west to the far east of Spain) for 6 euros including all taxes! Of course then I went to pay and remembered that they charge you 7 euros just to pay with a credit card. Oh well, I won't complain about my 18 dollar flight!
  • When I got to Greece it was cold. It was the coldest place I had been in 2011. Colder than London. Colder than Denver. Have I mentioned that there was snow on the ground? Thankfully things are warming up. It's been in the 60s-low 80s during the days!
  • Greek food is delicious. 
  • I ate Moussaka yesterday, which, while nothing like this one I made, was very, very good. 
  • We went to church yesterday at the 2nd Greek Evangelical Church, and as I followed along in Greek as we sang it reminded me of the time I decided I would follow along with the Arabic when I was living in Brussels. I figured one day it might all make sense to me...until I realized that I was following along with the Arabic from left to right instead of the other way around. Oops. 
  • I was a bit worried that traveling with the group was going to be stressful. I was wrong. I took a 3 hour nap today.  
  • This is my third time to Athens, but the sights are still impressive!
  • My usual trick of learning a few words in a language and then using them liberally is still working beautifully. Kalimera, kalispera, efxaristo and yasas (good day, good evening, thanks and hello/goodbye) seem to bring out a smile. I think its just good manners to learn at least a word or two of a language, but it doesn't hurt that it usually brings other benefits... like occasionally a larger scoop of gelato (just sayin!). 
  • Today we helped cook and pass out food for hungry people in the neighborhood with the church. One guy came through and only spoke French and Albanian, so I tried really hard to dig back up that tiny bit of that French I learned in Brussels. Let me tell you, it was rough. 
  • I'm still catching up on Central America blogs--next up is Nicaragua. Maybe I'll get around to it some time this week. 
  • I keep forgetting to take pictures. I'm kind of feeling relaxed about it because I took so many pictures the last time that I was here with bright sun and clear skies that taking more now seems like overkill. I'll have some more pretty Greece pictures up soon though. 
OK, so that is the week in review. I'm a bit out of the habit--I'll be more interesting next week, I promise!

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