Saturday, March 12, 2011


Well we have already had a full day of touristing in Athens. For those unaware I am helping to "chaperone" (don't worry, I'm using the term loosely) a student trip from my university. So far, so good--we only lost one person climbing around the Acropolis today and surprisingly I managed to find them. Gold star for me.

I also got to hang out more with Fylenia the otherday and we had lunch at her local tavern, aka her mom and dad's place. We also got to make tourist history by making me probably the first tourist to ever take a drive through the hills outside of Athens (where we saw snow!) and then we went for a walk to look at houses and window shop in one of Athens' richest and oldest suburbs. Overall, it was 24 hours full of fantastic food and fun with Fylenia!

Some pictures below:

Our breakfast mixture of Greek yogurt, apples, bananas, exotic raisin-y things, honey and tahini. Delicious!

We found a house that was built around a tree

Fylenia's mom with Nida, Fylenia's dog. Also, in true Greek mother style, she insisted that I try a special Clean Monday (aka like "Fat Tuesday") Greek desert. It turned out to be helva, which is the Greek version of the Arab helwa! I was so excited to see helwa that she packaged up the rest of it to send with me to eat this week in the hotel. I'm telling you, this family is awesome. 

Postcards and magnets on Fylenia's fridge

I let the group go ahead into the Acropolis Museum while I chilled on a sunny spot of grass. Unfortunately I got shooed away after about 10 minutes...

Olive trees in front of the museum

Random Athenian buildings

Odeon of Herodes Atticus


View of the ancient agora and part of the big city that is Athens

A shot of the Erechtheum


Fylenia said...

I made it to your blog.I made it to your blog! I made it to your blooooooooog!!

Sandy said...

Great pictures!

asia marie @ upward said...

Lauren! Your photos are beautiful!